Effective hair removal for face and body

It’s up to you how much, or how little, hair you remove from your face and body. No need to comply with society’s norms if you don’t want to. Whatever you desire, consult Hana about which technique is right to achieve the permanent or temporary effect you want. From state-of-the-art laser to electrolysis and time-honoured waxing, Hana is the expert you need to get you as fuzz free as you want be.


After careful research, Hana has chosen the award-winning Soprano ICE™ hair removal laser machine for the safety and comfort of her clients. ICE™ is an advanced technology that cools the skin, and minimises risk to the skin surface, while maintaining the heat necessary to treat hair follicles. It is suitable for a wide range of skin and hair types and colours. Consult Hana for your particular requirements and she will advise.

  • Full leg 75 min > £300
  • Half leg 45 min > £175
  • Full arm 30min > £150
  • Half arm 20min > £115
  • Bikini regular 15min > £75
  • Bikini extended 20min > £140
  • Brazilian 30min > £150
  • Hollywood 35min > £175
  • Back or chest laser 45min > £175
  • Half back 30min > £150
  • Full face 30min > £150
  • Sideburn 15 min > £50
  • Upper lip and chin 5 min > £50

Hana offers the only hair-removal technique endorsed by the British Medical Association to rid you of stubborn hairs for good. She uses the tried and tested blend technique, combining galvanic and diathermy. It’s a lengthy, meticulous process, as each hair follicle is treated individually, but the effects are permanent. It’s effective for all types and colours of hair.

  • 10 min session > £12
  • 15 min session > £17
  • 30 min session > £32

A hair-removal technique that dates back to antiquity, waxing is perfect for that quick route to fuzz-free skin. Hana will remove hair from anywhere on the body, and her technique minimises discomfort.

  • Bikini hot wax 20min > £25
  • Brazilian hot wax 30min > £35
  • Hollywood hot wax 30min > £42
  • Full body wax 1h15min > £83
  • Basic bikini wax 15min > £20
  • Very basic bikini 5min > £12
  • Full face waxing/threading 30min > £35