Pedicures and manicures

Never mind therapy, there’s nothing so important to our wellbeing as our feet, and yet we ignore them, trap them in shoes and pound the pavements relentlessly. Pedicures aren’t just for summer or beauty purposes – taking time out for a foot treatment, removing the build up of hard skin that can cause pain, combined with a foot massage, can make all the difference to our spirits. Our hands, after our faces, are the first things that people see – having beautiful nails and soft smooth skin says a lot about both men and women.


Abandon yourself to the pleasures of an expert foot treatment. Choose from a luxury pedicure, which will leave your feet soft, smooth and ready for anything, to a semi-permanent gel for your toenails, perfect for the beach.

  • Luxury pedicure 1h 30min > £50
  • Pedicure 1h 15min > £38
  • Gel pedicure 1h 15 min > £48
  • Revarnish toes 20 min > £15
  • Removal of gel colour 20 min > £10
  • Gel revarnish 20 min > £25

Nothing we can do at home beats a proper salon manicure. The pleasure of a gel manicure to those of us who are in a rush is that it dries instantly and lasts for weeks. It is also an excellent way of stopping yourself nervously nibbling at your nails, and is recommended for teenagers to break them of the habit.

  • Manicure  45min > £30
  • French manicure  1h > £34
  • Luxury manicure 1h > £43
  • Gel manicure 1h £35
  • Revarnish hands 20 min > £15
  • Gel French manicure 90min > £39
  • Removal of gel colour 20 min > £10
  • Gel revarnish 20 min > £25
  • Gel French manicure 1h 15 > £39